Blue Eyed Girl of Asheville, NC is the exciting coalescence of three young women whose roots sink deep into traditional music and dance.  Their sweet Appalachian harmonies, old-time rhythmic flair, and high-energy dance numbers draw from the music passed down to them from their families. The music is in their blood and the songs come straight from their hearts.

Annie Fain Liden, Pearl Shirley, and Ellie Grace


2 Responses to Home

  1. Guy Sabol says:

    annie…pearl…ellie.. sounds right down home to me…a lefty guitarist now in OHIO born in NY adn loves music in most any style

  2. Ernie Moscato says:

    Enjoyed your music at the folk art center sat. 9/17/11. I also marveled at your untiring effirts to provide the authentic music while the cloggers performed . GOOD JOB!!!

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